The Digest – May 23rd

Photo: Nic Taylor | Flickr

Photo: Nic Taylor | Flickr


Entrepreneur Life

Your Wall Is Dingy

“This is a story I roll out occasionally with CEOs to help them explain how their words can easily be misinterpreted by their teams.”
An insightful piece on the challenges faced by relational dynamics in a family business.
“We “over” work not when we work too hard but when working becomes less of a means and more of an end. When meditation, exercise, sleep, holidays, and even parenting, are cast as tools to make us better workers.”
Do you shield your team from the pressures the organization is facing? Do you tend to handle information flow to your employees?
“When you are burning through cash and need to finance your company, the terms might suck, but the cash doesn’t. So you do the deal and live to fight another day.”
On The Horizon
AOL founder Steve Case makes a case for the coming third wave in technology & how it’s about to revolutionize every aspect of business as it is now.
It’s early days for the payments future, but it’s coming. What does this mean for various businesses that’ll be affected? A look in the life of a ‘scan only’ fare for a week.
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