The Digest – June 19th

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Entrepreneur Life

How To Tell If A Company’s In Trouble

Sunny Bindra gives a short but insightful list of signs that should raise alarm bells in a business.
From $325,000 at startup to $30 Billion 3 decades later, Sir Martin Sorrell gives the WPP story & lessons learned in growing a global business.

Building Weatherproof Companies

“You cannot build a Lambeau Field-weatherproof company if you don’t also learn to constantly gather challenges to your thinking, learn to listen and hear them, and then test those learnings out.”

The Dangote Story

Africa’s richest man shares the story of the Dangote group and his worst day in business.

In Its Quest To Decrease Water Use, Levi’s Is Open Sourcing Production Methods

When sustainability in a business meets company top line revenue profitability, magic happens.
Investor’s Worldview
“As an investor, you should always be open to having conviction around an investment that is having a hard time getting done. Because they can, at times, be among the strongest performing investments out there.”
Starting out or considering angel investment? Read on.
What would happen if investors not only put money in but also found new, ancillary ways to support their investments? Written from a tech / VC / LP perspective but applicable to different investor categories.
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