Reblogs Digest – Sept 19th

Every other day I come across blogs, articles & other published works that inspire, inform, challenge & influence the entrepreneur in me. These inspiring works that are from all kinds of disciplines/general knowledge, are what I put up in the Reblog segment. ALL credit/copyright in this segment is attributed to the acknowledged owners. Be inspired, just as I have been.

Photo Credit: Pixishared on Flickr

Photo Credit: Pixishared on Flickr


1) How to Have A Healthy Company Culture

A very experience fueled article on being the ground zero in creating your company’s culture, as the entrepreneur.

2) US-Africa Business Summit: Through an African’s Eyes

Leti Art’s CEO Eyram Tawia’s describes his experience at the recently concluded US-Africa business summit. See the summit through an African CEO’s eyes.

3) How to Find The Right Cofounders?

Excellent Steve Blank article on one question that bugs start ups.

5) 4 Top Tips for Making Business Decisions

From 50 years of business experience comes some good advice by Richard Branson.

6) Moving From Corporate Exec to Entrepreneur 

A very interesting and illuminating article by Linked In influencer Sallie Krawcheck on the experience of moving from a corporate head to entrepreneurship.

7) Smart Answers to Stupid Interview Questions

Liz Ryan gives a humorous & unique view on answering those classic (& stale) interview questions in a way that’ll make you stand out & be remembered.

8) Attending A Pitching Event: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Stuart Lansdsle provides insight into the other side of the pitching table. “If you are sitting through a pitching competition with 11 pitches in 2 hours, you start to get fatigued. Then if they all start with the same lines then you wonder where the innovation has gone?”


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