Reblogs Digest – Nov 6th

Photo: Flickr | LenDog64

Photo: Flickr | LenDog64

Jack Ma World Economic Forum 2015 Interview

AliBaba’s eccentric founder Jack Ma gives an interview on his life, his business journey and thoughts on the future. From a young man who never knew what the Internet was, rejected 10 times (!) by Harvard to running the biggest ecommerce business, a lot of wisdom is shared.

The Struggle

I always share stories of entrepreneur hardship, no matter the sector, to encourage fellow entrepreneurs. “The struggle has no mercy.”

7 Rejections

If you’ve been turned down a lot while fundraising, an Airbnb founder encourages you. “Next time you have an idea and it gets rejected, I want you to think of these emails.”

What African Startups Can Learn From the Buffer Story
Four thoughtful things to consider for anyone starting out in building a business.

Moral Dilemmas & Business

7 business leaders share how they solved the biggest moral dilemmas of their careers. Business & ethics CAN go together.

Depression & Business

I’m passionate about entrepreneurship & mental health. Brad Feld is one of the most vocal figures on depression in business. Here’s a recent Q&A based on his struggle with depression as a venture capitalist.

Partner Support
“When you build something from scratch it is a 24/7 world. That business or project (whatever it is) takes over your brain. Having your other half give you shit about that phone call you have to take, that disaster you have to deal with, the bridge you have to close or that deadline that you have to reach even if you are on vacation just sucks.”Β The importance of finding the right side-kick in life is key.


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