Reblogs Digest – Oct 30th

Photo: Flickr | Duncan C

Photo: Flickr | Duncan C

Surviving Bankruptcy

“You cannot be an entrepreneur for 25 years without having failures, and some of you might not realise that some of my failures were really bad. And when I mean bad, I mean I have been bankrupt more than two times.”

Pounding the Path: Aliko Dangote

Meet Africa’s richest man valued at $15 billion.

Solitude In Business

Here’s yet another article on the importance of solitude in doing our best thinking & planning.

9 Business Blogging Benefits

I struggle a lot with convincing myself to keep this blog running at times. “There are times when I ask myself why I write a weekly column, as I have for six years. It’s a lot of work, after all, to add on top of running a company.”

Angel Yourself

The very first entrepreneur to back in a start up is you. Very challenging.

How Do You Do It?

I’m a great proponent of an entrepreneur having a work – life balance. Mark Suster (one of my fav VCs) responds to Ezra Galston’s open letter on how he does it. Though written from a VCs perspective (a verrrrry hectic career I might add) entrepreneurs of every stripe will relate to it.


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