Reblogs Digest – Nov 20th

Photo: Flickr | Sacha Fernandez

Photo: Flickr | Sacha Fernandez

8 Things To Avoid In Your Pitching Presentation

Some great advice that will set off light bulbs in your head.

5 Business Lessons For Startups

Monica Musonda shares give key lessons she’s learnt as a manufacturing startup on a Tony Olumelu talk. Great lessons for all entrepreneurial stripes starting up.

The Valuable Unsung Heroes of Startups

Behind every entrepreneur are people who support him / her. A great piece giving credit to these unsung heroes. Especially good for 1st time entrepreneurs. “All medal winners have coaches. No exceptions.”

Does It Matter If It’s You Doing the Work?

A short, stunning note Seth Godin style.

50 Book Recommendations By Buffer Cofounder

A rich list of 50 books that changed the business life of one of Buffer’s cofounder. I got quite a couple good ones to read from here myself.

Handling Bad News

How do you handle investors, the board, key advisors & the team during a bad season in business? Excellent advice from Jason Lemkin here.

How Adidas Found Its Second Wind

When does a company’s past influence its future? When do you look back at past successes to pick lessons from it and influence the future? This is the story of how Adidas was saved by its past.


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