Reblogs Digest – Nov 14th

Photo: Flickr | Janine

Photo: Flickr | Janine

Email and Holiday Weekends/Holidays

Montini shows how a study reveals that people don’t (or rarely) take time off of email for some quality time during holidays/holiday weekends. Received as an auto-responder on feb 13th from an advisor, it hit home.

#AskKirubi: Diversification Is the Name of the Game

My very first lesson in business. Diversify or die, it’s inevitable.

First To Market Doesn’t = Success

Being first to market doesn’t always translate into profitability or runaway success. This mobile technology article makes some great business sense amidst the tech talk.

How Some Brands Come Back From Near Death

For the entrepreneur in need of some encouragement, here’s a brief look at some brands that came back from the brink of oblivion.

Spotlight: George Wachiuri

“I failed 15 times before I built my Ksh.1Bn real estate firm”

African Private Equity On the Rise

Forbes interviews VC4Africa, online platform seeing angel investors invest $27M in African startups.

8 Books Warren Buffet Recommends

An excellent, excellent list full of gold for the mind. I quite recommend this.


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