Reblogs Digest- March 25th

Every other day I come across blogs, articles & other published works that inspire, inform, challenge & influence the entrepreneur in me. These inspiring works that are from all kinds of disciplines/general knowledge, are what I put up in the Reblog segment. ALL credit/copyright in this segment is attributed to the acknowledged owners. Be inspired, just as I have been.

Photo Credit: Alison And Fil | Flickr

Photo Credit: Alison And Fil | Flickr


1. Blogging For the Hell of It, Not To Stay Relevant

I always thought I was the only one who struggled with this. Thank you Mark. ” I hope to go back to the day when I was just blogging for the hell of it. I hope to just write what’s on my mind instead of thinking that every post needs to offer advice or insight or wit.”

2. CNN: Nairobi, Africa’s ‘Most Intelligent’ City

CNN highlights my home, Nairobi (shameless plug :-)) on why it’s rated Africa’s most intelligent city. Investors looking to enter/expand in Africa should take note.

3. My Girlfriend Wants Me to Choose Between My Business & Her

This Quora response inspired me & other folks a lot. The value of a supportive partner for an entrepreneur

4. How To Deal With Email After A Long Vacation

I emailed Brad Feld on Valentine’s Day eve and I attest to this post. “There’s something about taking control of how email interacts with you that is very satisfying.”

5. Origin of Credit Cards

I enjoyed this little piece on the story of the credit card as we know it. “Charge it!”

6. Google CFO Retires With A Candid Memo About Work/Life Balance

Patrick Pichette’s caused quite a stir recently with his short, counter culture memo upon his retirement.

7. Pounding the Path: Trushar Khetia

Meet the maven behind a $7M business in advertising and retail.

8. Don’t Rely On A VC for Your Hardest Decisions

“My job isn’t to predict markets but rather to find entrepreneurs who want to create markets through insight and conviction.”





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