Reblogs Digest – Mar 7th

Photo: Flickr | Sacha Fernandez

Photo: Flickr | Sacha Fernandez

Do you sheiks your team from the pressures the organization is facing? Do you tend to handle information flow to your employees?
The man famous for kicking Steve Jobs out of Apple takes time out to talk to Forbes about failure, startups & mentorship.
Can a CEO being about innovation and hence, higher returns, if he doesn’t have a specialist background? Is your non-specialized CEO doomed in regards to innovation?
Three things that Warren Buffet would want to teach every business owner.
“Time is an organization’s scarcest—and most often squandered—resource. No amount of money can buy a 25-hour day or reclaim an hour lost in an unproductive meeting.”
Awesome, awesome piece on the need for business leaders (& all entrepreneurs really) to cultivate a reading culture in themselves.
I found myself nodding all the way as I read this post.
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