Reblogs Digest – Mar 14th

Photo: Flickr | Vivian Evans

Photo: Flickr | Vivian Evans

If I’m A CEO And Have An Anxiety Attack, What Should I Do?

Truly insightful. β€œWhat is my responsibility to openly communicate this important matter to the Board? And how do I balance what I feel is a need for material disclosure with a desire for privacy around my personal health information?”

Resolving Conflicts In A VC Partnership

Conflict in business is one thorny issue. Brad Feld gives an inside look into how they handle this at the Foundry Group. Though written from a venture capital standpoint, there are some good underlying principles for all here.

Getting Smart the Warren Buffet Way
Warren Buffet’s on record saying he reads 80% of his work day. As an entrepreneur who reads a lot, I found his advice on how to get smarter at business by reading fascinating.

AOL Founder Steve Case On Africa & Entrepreneurship
Steve Case’s interview at the recent GES in Nairobi. Many great nuggets.

When Should I Fire My Cofounder?
When do you fire someone you started a business with? This Quora answer may startle you.

The Business Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec Won’t Invest In
Good nuggets here, entrepreneur.

Product / Service Design That Wins
How do you think through your product / service in order to put the customer at the centre of it?

Is Technology Helping Get more Work Done?
“then you are left with a sad truth: The average manager has less than 6Β½ hours per week of uninterrupted time to get work done.”


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