Reblogs Digest – Feb 29th

A lot of advice from the Oracle of Omaha is misconstrued. Found myself nodding all through the article.
Succinct advice from Proctor & Gamble’s CEO & chairman Bob McDonald in this 10 minute video as he talks on innovation & the need to constantly be doing new things to stay ahead of the curve.
How do you oversee & lead a team? Unlikely advice.
How & when do you prepare the next generation for the inevitable leadership transition? Good lessons from a Saudi magnate.
Target’s foray into Canada was a huge fail. Why did such a large company fail so spectacularly? Here is the story of what happens when mistakes pile up investing in what you don’t know.
EY’s Uschi Screiber shares some insightful trends on the Africa rising landscape.
One of the most moving Jack Ma interviews I’ve ever seen, on what to do at different life stages for success, if you plan on a career in business.
I always love a good entrepreneurship journey story. Joel Mwale’s story is quite inspiring.
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Victor Muthoka

Lover of God, children & arts, Apple fanboy, Amazon kindle die hard, closet geek, tech enthusiast, entrepreneur, tree hugger and a voracious reader

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