Reblogs Digest – Feb 13th

Every other day I come across blogs, articles & other published works that inspire, inform, challenge & influence the entrepreneur in me. These inspiring works that are from all kinds of disciplines/general knowledge, are what I put up in the Reblog segment. ALL credit/copyright in this segment is attributed to the acknowledged owners. Be inspired, just as I have been.

Photo Credit: Susanne Nilsson | Flickr

Photo Credit: Susanne Nilsson | Flickr

1) Goodbye SkyMall

Yet another retail giant falls to disruption in emerging technology. SkyMall’s recent bankruptcy filing makes the case for constant innovation & what happens when you get too comfortable.

2) Pounding the Path: Vimal Shah

With a company labelled the ‘Unilever of Africa’, Vimal Shah beat all odds to succeed. One of my biggest FMCG role models.

3) Sweet Spot for African Private Equity: Smaller Deals

I’ve always believed that African PE has it’s milk & honey land in smaller deals. “Moving down the deal size spectrum into smaller markets reveals an abundance of opportunity.”

4) Suicide: Hello darkness, my old friend

Many of us walking the hard, entrepreneurial path secretly wrestle with depression & suicide. We can never feel safe enough to talk about it. A powerful piece for you, from a voice battling the same.

5) Building Online Relationships Into Meaningful Networks

In a social world, online skills are do or die for the entrepreneur.

6) Are You A Startup Amateur?

Ever read an article that just sunk to the deepest part of you? Daniel Mumby did that for me on this short but thoughtful post for startup newbies.

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