Reblogs Digest – Dec 19th

Photo Credit: Duncan C on Flickr

Photo Credit: Duncan C on Flickr


1) From Teacher to Education Entrepreneur
NIBS’ founder Liz Wanyoike tells her business story on growing from a college to university. Truly inspiring entrepreneurial lessons there.

2) The Real Reason Why Businesses Fail

This was a good one! Experience laden advice on what causes businesses to fail. I was nodding my head on every point.

3) The Start Up Journey

An insightful look back on how these entrepreneurs found out a lot of what they hadn’t planned for, when they first started out, and how they conquered it. It had me nodding all the way.

4) Alibaba, Jack Ma & the IPO That Changed the Online Business World

The unprecedented Alibaba IPO witnessed this year generated quite some heat (& fear in some quarters). It was a work of business ingenuity & a lesson in believing in one’s dream. I decided to take a look at it again.

5) Top CEO Dads On Balancing Home & Work

How do upper management strike this delicate balance? “…Intuit CEO Brad Smith, “I have been asked about my father and mother, but I’ve never been asked what it feels like to be a father and do this job.”

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