Reblogs Digest – Dec 18th

Photo: Flickr | Yortw

Photo: Flickr | Yortw

Integrity & Courage In Business Leadership
“You have to be known for high integrity – doing what you say, saying what you mean.” HP Chairman, President, & CEO Meg Whitman shares career advice & leadership lessons during her View From The Top talk at Stanford Graduate Business School. Great lessons for entrepreneurs across the board.

Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates: “Get Out of Your Own Way!”
Inspirational look at treading your own path in business vs being conventional.

#AskKirubi Jack of All Trades, Master of ONE
Learn where your strengths lie, perfect them & get others to do the rest, which is their specialty.

How To Appeal To A Venture Capitalist
This is by all accounts a cheat sheet on how to attract the attention of a VC for funding.

7 Myths of Doing Business In Sub-Saharan Africa
As an African living in Africa this article is spot on in understanding a bit of what it really takes to currently operate in sub-Saharan Africa.

Pounding the Path: Whitey Basson
Meet the enigmatic CEO of mammoth South African retailer Shoprite. His story is quite thrilling.

Books For Business Owners & Execs
Some books recommended by an advisory firm of CEOs.


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