Reblogs Digest – Dec 11th

Photo: Flickr | Daniel Lee

Photo: Flickr | Daniel Lee

Barbara Corcoran: The Entrepreneur Behind the Shark

‘Shark Tank’ investor Barbara Corcoran talks to business insider on how she got into real estate, the ‘shark tank’ experience & how she balances everything. Inspiring.

Does Your Startup Have A Strategy?

A very illumining piece on the vital part strategy plays in the success of a start up.

Innovate or Die

I’ve been saying this for years and I’ll keep saying it: only continuous innovation in a company will keep it afloat. Steve Blank makes a convincing case.

How To Delegate When Launching A Business

If you’re wondering how to scale your business once you launch, Richard Branson has some advice for you.

Franchising Lessons

Some timely advice from East African KFC & Subway franchise holders, to potential franchisees when considering what type of brands to work with.

Burnout & Prioritizing Work

“For many years, I prized my ability to produce significant amounts of workβ€”my output. It became something I was known for, however, it came at a tremendous personal cost.”

24 Books to Hone Your Strategic Mind

I found this list quite intriguing though invaluable in some ways. Business feeds off strategy, pick one up and learn something new.


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