Reblogs Digest – Aug 4th

Every other day I come across blogs, articles & other published works that inspire, inform, challenge & influence the entrepreneur in me. These inspiring works that are from all kinds of disciplines / general knowledge, are what I put up in the Reblog segment. ALL credit / copyright in this segment is attributed to the acknowledged owners. Be inspired, just as I have been.

Photo Credit: Linh H. Nguyen on Flickr

Photo Credit: Linh H. Nguyen on Flickr

1) Are coffee shops affecting productivity?

An enlightening piece on why our productivity may or may not be affected by working out of coffee shops. “All kinds of different people hang out at coffee shops. Including a lot of folks trying to get work done. But is that actually a good thing?”

2) Wandia Gichuru: From the UN, to the World Bank, to her clothing company:

A greatly inspiring story of an entrepreneur making good money while doing business with a soul. Her passion for empowering people through business is a challenge to all entrepreneurs.

3) Important steps to take when purchasing land:

A short but thoroughly well researched piece for the first time real estate owner/investor on key things to note when investing in land.

4) Customer service on social media tips:

In this age of disruption in many spheres, customer care servicing hasn’t been spared. Many companies struggling with effectively handling customer care on social media will get a few pointers from this concise piece. “About 80 percent of companies think they’re crushing it at customer service, but only 8 percent of paying customers agree.”

5) iOS 8 & the office

Apple’s recently announced iOS 8 finally makes nice with the enterprise market. Learn how it will become more effective for the entrepreneur. “Apple’s recent announcement of iOS 8 at the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) not only impacts users at the consumer level, but it sends ripples through the corporate sector as well.”

6) Why all businesses should ask themselves ‘why’?

The ever thought provoking Richard Branson wants businesses to ask themselves why they do what they do. “Everybody who goes into business should have a clear understanding of why they do what they do: People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.”


A fruitful & inspired week to you all.

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