Reblogs Digest – 21st Mar

Photo: Flickr | Craig Sunter

Photo: Flickr | Craig Sunter

When An Advisor Seeks Equity
What to do?

#AskKirubi: Family, Businesses, Inheritace
A few good nuggets on things that affect family businesses, from an experiened hand.

What Makes A Great Business Partner?
A partner will make or break your business. So what’s a good partner look like?

The Middle Class’ Lost Taste for Mindless Consumerism
“Stop thinking about how to get customers to buy more stuff…give people what they actually want.”

Former Blockbuster CEO On Sparring w/ An Activist Investor
Blockbuster’s the poster child for big companies that are slain by small, disruptive companies (i.e Netflix). The former CEO explained what really happened. Great leadership & strategy lessons via his hi sight and experience.

Success At Work, Failure At Home – Working Parents
Can one have it all? Can you be fully immersed at work, grabbing all opportunities & still be fully involved on the home front? Or does one need to give way to the other?

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