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Late last year, the idea of starting a blog to talk all things entrepreneurial hit me. Why? Early that year, I’d been smack in the middle of venturing out into a new field and things were tough. I reached out to someone I knew to a certain degree, to help me out with one or two things, only for them to give me a wide berth. I could only surmise that they felt they’d be giving away their competitive edge (despite the fact that what I was seeking help with was not in any way infringing on their trade craft).

I felt a little bit hurt & mostly disappointed. This person would have been such a valuable resource as he’d already faced what I was dealing with. Then right in the middle of these kind of thoughts, I realized how many people have experienced this in various areas in their lives. It got me thinking, “I could start a blog to share thoughts & experiences from my fledgling & brief entrepreneurial life,” I mused. Then I dismissed the idea.

A couple of months ago this year the idea haunted me again & I toyed with it. While hanging out with my good friend Huston Malande he happened to suggest (rather animatedly I might add!) that I should start a blog that talks the business walk as I walk the business talk (hence foot meet mouth. Get it?). A wager was struck in no time and Foot Meet Mouth was born.

It was only fitting as the first blog post, that I give the story behind the baby that is F. M. M. (As I fondly refer to it now). My desire is to share my thoughts and rumblings on various business related topics, through the worldview that has been and is my entrepreneurial experience. My hope is that in doing so I’ll be able to share ideas, stories, book reviews, inspiring career stories etc that will help other entrepreneurs in whatever way.

So, welcome to the gravy train!

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Victor Muthoka

Lover of God, children & arts, Apple fanboy, Amazon kindle die hard, closet geek, tech enthusiast, entrepreneur, tree hugger and a voracious reader

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  • Looking forward to big things!

  • Winnie Odande

    It’s about time! Let the conversation begin.

  • love the idea……..

    • Thank you for the kind words. We look forward to being of service to you.