Book Review – Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt



Michael Lewis delivers an engaging story in as simple a way as possible for non-market guys like me to understand.

Brad Katsuyama’s conscience starts getting pricked when, while working at a big Wall Street bank, realizes that he can’t get the stocks he needs as specified when he’s on the market. This leads him to start doing a little digging and down the rabbit hole he goes till he stumbles on HFT: High frequency traders.

When he realizes there’s a whole world dedicated to outpacing every new order to exploit it, he digs further & eventually quits his big Wall Street job to fight this culture. With great poise, insight, honesty & grab-you-in-the face suspense Michel Lewis takes us on a journey of one man’s fight to bring back honesty to the stock exchange. A gripping read.

A good read for anyone but specially recommended for:
1) Anyone interested in learning more about how the stock markets work.
2) Any Michael Lewis fan.
3) Any Entrepreneur.

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Victor Muthoka

Lover of God, children & arts, Apple fanboy, Amazon kindle die hard, closet geek, tech enthusiast, entrepreneur, tree hugger and a voracious reader

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