Book Review: 24 Days

24 Days


This is the first book I’ve ever read with my mouth periodically falling wide open. I couldn’t believe the things I kept seeing.

Born of a merger between two electricity companies, Enron corp rose over the years to be America’s dominant player in the electricity business. Turning handsome revenue margins quarter after quarter, it was America’s and wall street’s darling. Until the scandals struck.

In a routine SEC filing, wall street journal reporters Smith and Emshwiller discover information hinting at suspicious activity. When they go digging what they uncover is nothing short of startling.

From the now infamous LJM partnerships run by Enron’s CFO and aimed at trading with Enron on a private level to boost it’s reported balance sheet, to revelations of massive payoffs by top executives and accounting misdeeds by Anderseen, Enron’s auditors, to help it cover up it’s missteps, the two reporters shocked the world.

The book is their tell-all on how they, Smith and Emshwiller, stumbled upon the story from day one and how they uncovered information along the way. It’s a story of how glorified executives swindled their shareholders, gaining massive revenue and wrecking the public’s future confidence in essential institutions in the process. A story of the greed and large scale collusion that came to define wall street and American big business, it will make you reflect on integrity and the need for the good guys in the world.

I left this book not only having been intimately aquatinted with the Enron scandal from the reporters who covered it, but also challenged on the need for integrity and ethics in business. A worthy read for any entrepreneur.

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Victor Muthoka

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